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We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been honored with the GD USA Award for Branding and Identity of the FreshDirect FOODKICK brand!


It’s not often we can enter national competitions since many of our client engagements prohibit us from publicly sharing our work. So when we do get the chance, and then we win, it sure makes for one big happy dance here in our agency. We understand that 10,000 entries were submitted for this competition, so it’s wonderful to be one of a few who are being recognized by our industry peers. But aside from the honor and the certificate, this award is a reminder of the passion, dedication, and talent of our Ready team and the incredible partnership and collaboration with FreshDirect, who inspire us every day. Together, we reach for the stars, always aspiring to innovate and lead the industry. Most importantly, FOODKICK is performing phenomenally in the market and driving real business results for FreshDirect as they continue to expand into new markets.

If you want to learn more about FOODKICK, please take a look at the mini case study here on our site in the Our Work section, or give us a call, as we would love to share our approach and thinking with you in person!