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Remaking A Brand: The Value in Brand Values

What does the rebranding of Disney princesses and LVMH saying “no” to Amazon have in common? 

Both assert the values each brand stands for, values that are designed to create realimpact and cultural relevance. Both are powerful actions that take a stand for what each brand is about, its place in the market and even in society. Neither of them are about “claiming a new claim” or trying to convince people about a unique benefit.

Giving people values to buy into is becoming an increasingly important part of brand today. 

This is because we live in a world in which societal norms dwindle and the proliferation of cultural groups is on a high. This world wide open comes with a celebrated lack of expectations but it also leaves any form of orientation and navigation up to the individual. 

This is where brands can come in. With the values they stand for. 

So, when Disney shows us that a modern princess is about inner strength and morality rather than about tiaras and “waiting for a prince”, we look at Disney with new eyes. We embrace the brand as one that can lead our kids, not just entertain them. We feel good about young girls idolizing Disney princess, not because they look pretty, but because we want them to become strong women with strong ethics.

Less about the future of society, yet still a critical lesson in the “value of brand values” is LVMH’s latest decision to decline a deal with Amazon. Understanding that exclusivity is a core quality of the LVMH brand, the company decided against additional revenue through Amazon’s omnipresent distribution. This is undoubtedly a signal of values, the company’s strong belief that accessibility is not what LVMH and their consumer brands are about. And that’s value to a luxury buyer. 

The take away for brands is this: It takes guts to get glory.  And it takes values to get valued.