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Brand-New Year

Here we are, at that next most wonderful time – the start of a new year. For many, this means fresh beginnings, new attitudes, and endless possibilities.

Historically, brands inundate us with messages that match our mindset to the moment, so for this time frame, it’s about new resolutions. Chevy’s New Year New Roads is a great example of this, and who hasn’t thought about trying the Special K diet for at least the first 3 days of January?

Beyond new brand messages though, what has struck me in this New Year is the wave of new brands making substantial gains in the market. These brands are millennial inspired, accessed only through online or mobile apps, and always turning traditional categories on their heads.  Brands like Casper, Stitch Fix, and ThirdLove are a few examples, and they instantly feel like the Uber of every day products…essentially, a new way to do old things.  

These brands have the opportunity to be extraordinarily successful because they are answering 2 critical consumer desires. First, they are addressing the age-old marketing formula for success – a solution for an unmet need. Casper’s is simply a better mattress for a better night’s sleep, and Stitch Fix is offering a personal stylist to deliver clothes that match your personal style.  Secondly, they are answering to consumers’ desire for unique experiences. Without brick and mortar, the experience unfolds the moment the product is delivered to the door. They come in packaging that is thoughtful and considered, always personal, and sure to be remembered. A little ingenuity with a laser focus on consumer desire is always a key to success.

So along with new messaging to match the moment, what a great time for brands to resolve to create tangible new offers and new experiences to keep up with the ever-evolving times.

Happy New Brands!