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Change is Good

Walking to work this morning the air was crisp, the sun bright and hoodies had suddenly sprung up over t-shirts. Fall. Apples, pumpkins, orange! My mind went to planning mode: reviewing my wardrobe, planning a new look, finding that Italian class I’ve been meaning to take. I found myself energized with the potential and possibility of a fresh start.

A change of seasons often spurs introspection and change in people. So when should a brand change in a culture always in motion? Conventional thinkers might call it blasphemy if a brand waivers from its core identity. “What if we alienate our loyal consumers?” 

I believe a brand is a living entity. Successful brands are able to authentically manifest human traits to create an emotional connection with people. These traits need to stay relevant in the immediacy of the constantly changing world. Oreo’s 100 year celebration is a great example of successfully navigating this new world with an old brand. By creating new dramatic formations of its cookie to celebrate current events, it brilliantly engaged people “in the moment” while never losing its brand character and equity.

Like people, brands need to keep an open mind about change. A simple and clever “of the moment” creative idea delivered in an unexpected way, like fun packaging design and honest social engagement will signal to consumers “I get what’s going on” and will keep a brand market fresh. 

Oh no, it’s dark outside already. Time to begin Season 3 of Homeland!

Enjoy the fall,