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One of the greatest pleasures of working in Union Square is there is never a day that the outside world doesn’t filter into our studio, piquing our curiosities. Our view is captivating, highlighted by One World Trade Center, which soars high above, dramatically transforming with the weather and the sky, juxtaposed against the bustling Greenmarket just steps from our door. With these views, we are serenaded by the constant buzz of Union Square Park, the innocent sounds of children playing on the swing sets, the soulful notes from street musicians and the squawks of bullhorns from social events or the occasional protestors.

As brand experts, this ever-changing stimulus reminds us that the work we create must too evoke a visceral response. It inspires us to imbue brands with authentic, meaningful emotions that create a connection and a response.

As the inaugural post of our new blog titled “Our View”, we hope to begin an engaging and emotion-filled conversation about all the things that move us.